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About Me

Welcome to my website!

Hi there! Welcome to www.djkittykat.com.au.

I am Kath, otherwise known as Kitty or Kitty Kat to my friends, a DJ, fitness model and busy mother to 2 children.

Here, you can find out a little more info about me, listen to some of my latest mixes and check out upcoming gigs, plus purchase some of my hand picked range of workout clothing and supplements.

My Journey

Why a DJ?
Healthy Lifestyle
Competitions #2
  • The desire to have some time with my kids during the day lead me to a career in entertainment, initially hosting karaoke and singing professionally, then forward to being a full time DJ for the past 8 years.

    It allows me to sing, perform, entertain and – more importantly – work while my kids sleep.



  • This is why it became critical for me to look after my health through good nutrition and exercise.


    After all, energy doesn’t just appear – you need the right fuel and maintenance to get you through the day.


    This then led to another stage in my life.


    As with everything I do, I threw myself in whole heartedly and you could say became slightly addicted and obsessive.


    I started travelling and competing in body building shows.


    I loved it!


  • Competing was amazing!


    The discipline required was huge, but there were a ton of perks – recognition and accolades such as trophies, magazine covers and sponsorship.


    Who doesn’t love being paid to travel?


    The best part, however, was meeting inspirational people and inspiring others in turn. It was a wonderful time in my life and i got so much satisfaction out of it.


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What's next?

Busy, busy, busy
Finding Balance
The Right Stuff
Leggings design - the future!
  • However, this lifestyle came with it’s own unique set of challenges.


    Training 6-7 days a week – sometimes 2-3 times a day.


    Working anywhere from 3-7 nights a week.


    This was while the kids were at school!  Meal prepping (oh goodness), plus cooking meals my family were happy to eat.

  • In January 2017, after 5 years of travelling the world, I finally decided it was time to find more balance in my life.

    To not be that girl that was always bringing her own food to restaurants or avoiding a social life where food was involved.

    Up to that point, my only holidays involved depleting my body for  competitions, post comp binging (and associated guilt) and flights home.


    I decided there needs to be more to life, and I didn’t want this continuous mental struggle with food.

    I found my relationship with food and exercise had become unhealthy and obsessive – to the point where I felt bad if i missed a training session or ate even one piece of chocolate.

  • Now I will train 3-4 times a week, walk my kids to school every day and enjoy flexible nutrition plans that allow me treats.

    My whole perspective has changed, and my mind and body are healthier than ever.

    I still use and recommend supplements, but these have also changed.

    I use Australian made and owned supplements that have been clinically tested for health and effectiveness. My family do too.

  • I always need new avenues to explore, and new ways to express my creativity.


    I’ve had a long running love affair with leggings – chances are, if you’ve met me somewhere, I’m wearing a pair of my favourites.


    That’s why I started to design my own range. Hope you guys love them as much as I do!