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XMAS – what to eat when everyone else is pigging out?

For me, Christmas is one of the easier times of the year not to put on weight.

Yes, really!

Trust me – at Easter, when there is chocolate everywhere to be seen… that’s a whole other story.


Why is XMAS easy?


I think its because during Christmas there is so much healthy food on offer, which means you can still eat relatively clean and enjoy a meal with your family and friends. You have your proteins – Roast turkey, beef, or ham (or all three!) and there is usually a few salads or veggies somewhere in there too.

I’m in the mind frame now that i don’t tell myself I can’t have anything, I can have everything, when I want, but how much and how often is where I exercise my discipline.

So, for example, if I want to have a few glasses of wine that day then it just means I won’t have bread, or dessert – and I will definitely avoid the fatty finger food like quiches and pastries. That way, I can have a few glasses of wine or vodka and feel no guilt at all! Vodka Soda is about 65 calories, a glass of wine about 125 calories and a flute of champagne usually around 100 calories.


Check your portions

Its also important to portion your food. I make one plate with the usual amounts I would eat of protein and greens. Once I am finished I leave the table and mingle. Trust me – if you continue to sit with food in front of your face you will be mindlessly stuffing calories into your mouth while talking to people. Get up! Move around to chat to everyone.


My final secret


My other secret? I will park further away from the event and get a little more incidental exercise. I also make sure that I keep up with my usual gym sessions and walks.

So, when you think about it, it is not requiring any extra effort not to over eat or put on weight.  It’s just about being mindful of what is going into my mouth and ensuring that my usual exercise stays consistent.