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legging bling

Why just wear leggings for a workout? I wear them djing, out to the shops, even to events! Unless you strictly specify a ballgown or ultra-formal wear, I’m going leggings.


supplements berries

Want an extra edge in your workouts? I use supplements that are scientifically proven to be safe, effective and value for money. Best of all, they are Australian owned and manufactured. Now you can too!


nutrition yum

One thing that really frustrates me are companies who push unrealistic body images and diets for people. Don’t go for a fad diet – use something that is scientifically tested and proven to work well, give your the energy you need for your day, and be something that is sustainable (and tasty!) in the long run.

Why can't we have it all?

Welcome to my site – I’m Kat, an international DJ who has also represented Australia at body sculpting events. These days, I’m really focused on achieving a balance between health, fun and family (with the occasional sneaky piece of chocolate thrown into the mix).

Feel free to browse through my collection of live sets and workout mixes, check out my latest legging and nutrition range, and stay up to date on my latest gig locations. Life isn’t about starving yourself for competitions (trust me, been there done that) or following crazy diets that can wreak long term damage on your body. It’s about hitting the right balance which suits your existence.

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