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Xmas gifts

I love to give presents.


I probably get more out of it than the person receiving the gift! I am the type of friend who listens to our conversations during the year and makes notes in my phone of things you say you need, or would love.


I absolutely revel in giving gifts that are useful . . . I love the idea that my gift is helpful and every time you use it you will think of me. I also like to keep my ideas fresh and get you different things, so you never know what to expect. This is partly to make you happy, but mainly for my own enjoyment and entertainment.


I am like this:



as soon as I hand it over . . . oooh, the anticipation, watching their face for cues!


I am just so excited. Are they gonna love it?


What reaction am I going to get?


Here are a few of my favourite reactions:




Happy Dance


Tears of Happiness



Overwhelmed and Hyperventilating


Top 3 Tips when Receiving a Gift

1. Be genuinely thankful – it really is the thought that counts.
2. If you don’t like it, act like you love it, you can always regift it and the next person will love it.
3. Read the card first. But why? That’s what my grandma always told me was good etiquette.