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Scheduling Happiness


How many of us really know what makes us happy?

How many of us, make time to do the things that make us happy?

For me I love languages. I love the idea of being able to communicate with anyone.  I also love piano and singing, oh and reading a good book.  But when do I ever make time to do the things that make me happy?

After working all day or sometimes day and night, being Uber for my kids and running my household I want to just collapse on the couch. However, I do find that when I am sitting there trying to find something I have not watched or that I am interested in. I am thinking this is so boring and not really what I want to be doing. Finding the motivation to get off the couch and do something that makes me happy tho… well all I can say is I have almost finished ‘Suits’ on Netflix there are 8 seasons and in a couple of weeks I am already at Season 6.


So what can I do to change this?

1. Schedule Time
2. Know what it is I want to add to make my week happier
3. Remove distractions like TV and Social media.
4. Don’t book anything else in the time I have scheduled. Happiness gets priority.
5. Be happy


I now use the 30minutes before bed to read, the benefit for me is reading makes me tired and I go to sleep at a more reasonable hour. Where as Netflix writers have you hooked, at the end of the episode they throw you a cliff hanger and next minute your 6 episodes deep and it is 3am.


Italian I do 20minutes a day. I simply arrive at school pick-up early and use that 20 minutes to get my daily practice. This fantastic suggestion came from my 12year old daughter.


Thursday is Piano, straight after school I sit for 30mins – 60mins to play. I am lucky my daughter has also taken an interest in playing and we spend this time together. The great thing about allocating a specific day is it gives you a point in the week assigned to do it. ( but you will find once you start you want to play more often and that’s good too)

Singing, I do that in the car, I play instrumentals and sing along. Makes me a happier road user too. Less swearing.

Hope you enjoyed my tips for making your happiness goals a priority.

Love Kitty Kat


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