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Daily Gratitude

I already have a very positive outlook on life. The way I was brought up is pretty easily summarized: things always happen for a reason and something good always comes out of it. I truly believe this. But, I also think perspective has a big say in how we view a situation and our experience of it.

How I choose to see a situation as opposed to someone else can greatly vary the experience I receive from it. For example, I have 2 teenage children and whenever I ask “How was your day?” Or “How was school? or “Did you have fun when you went out today?”, their response is always underwhelming. It’ll be a phrase which I can’t stand – “NOT Bad” …What the hell?! I get so frustrated by this phrase when I can see how amazing their lives are.

I came to realize that many people feel this way about their own lives . . . its not bad, its ok. I think Instagram plays a big part in this perception too, but that’s a whole other blog.

Anyway, so this started because I wanted to show my children all the little things we can also be grateful for in each day. Trust me, they are there. You can be grateful not only for what happened, but also for what didn’t happen.

I started posting 5 a day to my instagram stories, to show people that its easy to be grateful and easy to love the life you have more when you can acknowledge all the small things as well as the great things.

Here is an example of what I posted:
1. Getting to spend time with my daughter cooking together
2. Finding a new route to school pick up which is less stressful
3. Finding a packet of malteasers in the pantry
4. Good weather to walk my dogs
5. Time with my husband playing Italian cards

What are you grateful for?

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