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Booty Day Leggings – Tropics range


Booty Day Gym Leggings – Tropics Range

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Being a mum of two and fitness model I live in leggings. I am either running to the gym or picking up and dropping my kids off to their million social and sporting activities. I also found a way to make them fashionable enough I could DJ in them at night!!! Leggings and me – WE ARE ONE!!

For years now, I have been obsessed with them – the brighter and wilder the design, the better.

What I did initially struggle with was the fit. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Some brands ride up at the front giving that unwanted camel toe, others give you love handles. Don’t even get me started about what happens when you squat – lets just say there has been way too much of my butt seen at the gym.

I worked really hard to find a cut that felt so comfortable you almost felt naked, along with needing no adjustment when you train and – of course – will not go see through! However, I also wanted a pair that would come up high enough so they hide any loose skin and stretch marks from having babies, whilst complimenting my curves and not pushing my fat out and over the top – no one likes muffin tops!

Pretty exhaustive list, hey? I am very proud to say that we have created them and the response has been outstanding! The main description that comes back from everyone is comfy, and that’s bloody awesome.


Composition: 100% Lycra

Care Instructions:

–          Cold Machine Wash
–          Do Not Bleach
–          Rinse Thoroughly
–          Do not Tumble Dry
–          Low Iron

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