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Health is Wealth

So many equate wealth to a monetary value and although it can make you financially comfortable are you actually wealthy?


I have been watching a Netflix show called ‘Suits,’ they pride themselves on being the first into the office and the last to leave. Their day is filled with constant crisis management, alcohol and saying “GOD Damn”, however, they do make a bucket load of money and wear $12,000 suits. Although this is a fictious show its actually so true of reality.


But at what point do they get outdoors, go on a holiday, fulfill a passion, fuel their bodies with good food, get 8 hours sleep a night, function without caffeine, see loved ones? They don’t!!! 


Do you think when they are 65 years old and it is time to retire the bodies  that they have abused for decades will be eager to now live life to its fullest? 


All the relationships and memories they didn’t nurture will they be there? 

What is the point of being too old to enjoy the money you have made? You can’t take it to the grave so what happens to it? Regardless of what Drake says.

There is no trophy at the end that says ‘You worked harder than anyone else and achieved so much’.


So what was it all for?  Sacrificing living, for coin… is it really worth it? 


I choose life balance, time to feed my mind and sense of achievement, but also time to care for my health and the relationships in my life. I want to be there to smile, laugh, create memories. I want to bounce out of bed everyday feeling full of energy and flourishing. Strong in mind and body.


What is your wealth?


Love Kitty