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Changing exercise from a Daily struggle to Daily routine.

I have been through many phases in my life, from never training, to heading to a gym and wandering around, trying to exercise but lacking any knowledge, to becoming a bikini champion accomplished, and confident navigating my way around any gym.


For longer than I can remember I have trained everyday, sometimes 2-3 times a day. But as I am no longer competing and trying to find balance I have careered all the way to the other end of the scale where I haven’t trained in weeks and don’t feel bad at all.


But enough is enough; not training has seen a loss in energy and motivation. Things I would do without a second thought or a question…. I’m talking myself into a reason as to why it doesn’t need to happen today


But as my face gets puffier, my butt bigger and my tuck-shop lady arms dance like jelly in a bowl. I can tell you I am not happy sitting in this comfort zone, rather uncomfortable zone.


So back to the grind I have started.


Daily walks.
I book a walk everyday with my friends and an afternoon walk with my dogs, keeps me accountable because I don’t want to let anyone down.


Netflix for Workouts
I have set up Netflix in front of my elliptical trainer. I love ‘Suits’ the series and will happily do 40 – 60 mins training because my mind is engaged. This is called pairing taking something you enjoy and pairing with something less enjoyable to make both achievable.


Pre Dinner Training
My family and I now train before dinner. This is the time of night we can all commit to, later in the evening our dedication dwindles. It is only 30 minutes we do it together and then enjoy the fruits of our labour. It’s good too, because we are getting family time and because we are all wanting to train and pick up our fitness, we cheer each other on to achieve this goal.

Late night snacking has stopped. After dinner there is no more food for the evening. I am not hungry… it is literally passing time.

Sugar Ban… well it had to happen. I got really out of control, daily blocks of Cadbury chocolate. My faves are Marvellicious and Black forest, OMG and Crunchies, but don’t dismiss just plain Cadbury…. Whoa got off tangent super quick there. So no sugar in teas and coffees and no sweets. With sugar, to gain control I need to eradicate. It has this force where if you eat it, your taste and desire for it gets hungrier, but if you stop altogether your cravings completely dissipate.

Alcohol, this is also on current ban. It’s unnecessary calories, there is no beverages I am REALLY enjoying and I am trying to pair it with the mindset of special occasions, not a weekly activity.


Water Intake
Well this works like sugar, more you have, more your body desires. First week was difficult but I really focused on it, now my body is just so thirsty. I am so happy with this improvement.


Never though this would happen but I have also stopped coffee, not sure how long this will last, but in doing so I am drinking more water and consuming less milk.

Its a journey. But I am on the road and putting in the work?
What are your tips?

Hope this has helped you.