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School Holiday Fun for Teenagers – Keep them engaged and create special moments.

So many Mums dread school holidays, but for me it’s time to have an adventure with my kids. I work nights and weekends, so I don’t get the usual adventures that many parents have every week. And, believe me, when you have TWO teenagers, getting them to spend time with you and engage with you is much, much tougher. So, here are some activities we had a crack at which reconnected us – and were a lot of fun.

Tip 1: Getting outdoors, seeing and experiencing new things for the first time together keeps that special bond and builds lifelong memories. Avoid movies – there is no interaction and its sedentary.

1. Tree Adventure Belgrave

For me, it is like walking into Peter Pan’s world!  It’s a picturesque obstacle course nestled in the treetops of Belgrave Hills. Equipped with zip lines, harnesses and carabiners, you glide and climb through an obstacle course among the treetops, working  and encouraging each other to tackle each challenge. It’s a combination of exhilaration,  fear, excitement, and a distinct element of balance and skill.

2. Dumpling and Laneways

I recently took my kids on a tour of Melbourne City. We explored each laneway that boasted some street art, took a bunch of photos and got our artistic game going. We not only had our own photoshoots, but filmed and photographed art that stood out to us. Talk about clocking up the steps on the fitbit! Once we had curated our art pieces, we smashed a well deserved lunch of dumplings and shared our works.

Fave Dumpling CBD Stops:
-Degraves Lane : Shandong Mama Mini.
– Lonsdale St: Ding Tai Fung Emporium
– Market Lane: Hu Tong

– AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place
–  Hosier and Rutledge lanes
– Centre Place
–  Flinders Court
– Union Lane
– Presgrave Place
– Russell Place
– Croft Alley
– Stevenson and Tattersalls lanes
– Drewery and Sniders lanes
– Caledonian Lane
– Corner 361 Little Bourke Street and Rankins Lane
– Finlay Lane
-Behind corner of Queen and Franklin streets
– Blender Lane

3. Baking Day

This has so many perks! Kids are able to pick snacks they want for the holidays – but it also teaches them how to create tasty dishes, plus you can monitor how much sugar and processed ingredients enter their bodies. It also means getting their hands busy in the kitchen – a valuable life skill.

4. Italia Day

Head to Doc Expresso in Lygon St (326 Lygon St, Carlton) for either dinner or lunch. Give the kids 3-4 Italian phrases to utilise for ordering food. Then head to PidaPipo 299 Lygon St for Gelati, but make them order in Italian… trust me, it’s hilarious and so much fun! The food and service is outstanding. It’s like being in Italy for a few hours.

5. Strike

Absolutely love this for hours of entertainment! There is bowling, escape rooms, laser tag AND karaoke. If you head there during the day you have unlimited access for a modest set fee. The best part is that you have your body moving the whole time. I must admit to a certain level of competitiveness when bowling, but I can’t claim any natural talent when I smash down a strike – only sheer luck! When braving the escape rooms, your heart pounds through your chest while you are attempting to find hiding places and stalk down other players. Escape rooms bring you together to solve a problem as a team. Karaoke – well, I’m sure that needs no explanation!