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Kitty Kat Republic Sessions 14 is here


When I was making this mix, I was thinking about Spin Class.


I find spin so challenging – being in the same position, pushing so hard with both intensity or speed.
It’s so physically and mentally challenging for me to push though and complete that 45 minute class.


My heart rate feels like its going to explode out of my chest and the lactic acid in my quads is a searing heat that makes my legs feel like they are melting away from my body in a most unpleasurable way.


So what pushes me through? A cracking beat and a heavy bass and  a song I know the lyrics to. It brings me to a feel good place, and dulls the pain my body is going through.

That is this mix.


Check it out!! Work out to it and PLEASE share.
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New mixes are release first Friday of the month.