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Get it done in one – The One-Minute Strategy.

I often find I have a huge list of things to do – between owning several businesses, being a mum of two, a wife, maintenance of my home and everything else, sometimes it just feels never ending.


I can be known to procrastinate on tasks I don’t want to do. What I have realised is that once I start, before I know it, I have completed the task. In many cases, I will have put more energy into procrastinating and having it take up space on my to do list, as well as burdening my mind with “Oh I should do that”.


So this week I employed the one-minute strategy. If it will take me less than a minute, JUST DO IT! This week, I reshopped my house insurance, cleaned out my fridge, wrote this blog, uploaded new recipes. Redesigned my website. Went though my fridge, pantry and medicine cupboards and threw out all the items which had expired or would not be used.

This all occurred because I broke them up into smaller tasks. So instead of saying I will clean my whole fridge, which is a boring and laborious task, I said I will just wash out the veggie drawers, it will only take a minute . . . and it did! I chose to do this while dinner was cooking, so I wasn’t standing around watching the food – or, as can happen, just mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.


I was so pleased with the state of clean veggie drawers, I decide to continue cleaning whilst dinner cooked. I cleaned the shelves, wiped all the jars down, cleaned a few spots . . . before I knew it, I had started on the freezer! Now, every time I open my fridge, I have an overwhelming sense of achievement. I also know that to keep it this way will only take a minute. That’s the real bonus.