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Leggings are Life

Put your hand up if you own leggings and wear them at least 3-4 times a week.




If you don’t… STOP reading and get off my page! Hah, kidding (kinda . . .), keep reading, maybe I can inspire you on the perks of owning and wearing them.


Why I love leggings


My love of leggings all started when I had kids. That means limited time to get ready in the mornings, a super active day and a desire to still feel good in what I am wearing. And, of course, being able to wear the same outfit for all of that days’ activities.


For me, leggings tick all the boxes –  they work for my body shape, they are comfortable and – more importantly – come in fun designs that speak my individuality. Jeans are, for the most part, kinda uncomfortable – you have to undo them to use the bathroom and as for going to the gym? It’s a big thumbs down.


Leggings are socially acceptable in almost every situation . . . . except, say, a black tie event or maybe the office… I said maybe the office!!! Trust me, I have gotten away with them there too . . . just rock a cute top and a blazer with heels. Boom done, no one is the wiser!


Prerequisites for Leggings


So, with so many applications for the humble legging, it inspired me to design my own cut and style. Some solid rules were involved:
  1.  no muffin top and definitely no camel toe,
  2.  so comfortable you feel naked wearing them, but not so naked you can see your underwear through them,
  3.  a style that compliments your legs in all the right places and – most importantly – has a fun, unique design.


Check out my range!


Summer is here and that is usually the time for bright colours, flowers and tropical holidays, so I wanted to combine all of that to make my next range. So, say hello to my new Tropics range! It’s bold, bright, fun and when you wear them you feel like yes, Summer is here! Check them out below.