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What’s your dancing style?

Man, I tell you what – as a DJ, one thing you’ve got a total bird’s eye view of is the crazy dancing styles people pull out. I love it! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a drunken footballer pulls out “the sprinkler” at 2am and gets the floor rockin!


I’ve found some illustrations of my personal faves over time. Feel free to jump in with your own! I’ve put my favourite at the bottom – make sure you scroll down to check it out!


“Gimme my space, bitch!”

Don’t come within range of these elbows, kids – this is my space, and I’m defending it to the death.


“Others mean nothing.”

This dance isn’t for anyone else. It’s for me, and me only. You can watch, but don’t interfere with me while I’m communing with the cosmos.


“You can’t stop these guns.”

I’ve been working out for 8 straight hours and my leotard is chafing. Don’t mess with me – these are lethal weapons


“What on earth did I just take?”

How to look like you’re vomiting horrifically whilst dancing. Kids, this isn’t cool. Don’t do this. You’ll end up ridiculed on the internet.

“I am the ALPHA”

I will mark my spot with defiance – no other male will dare to challenge me here. My limbs are lethal weapons, and my moustache is mighty.


“Van Damme it’s Friday!”

Time to knock off from work and throw on the lycra! I reckon he’d actually look better in a pair of my leggings.


“The Ultimate – The Carlton”

If I see someone doing this on the dancefloor, it automatically makes me feel 50% happier. I’m serious – try it!


That’s it, kids – which was your favourite? Any other suggestions? Hope to see some more styles from you all soon!



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